Personal Injury Case Study

We represented a young man who suffered an orbital fracture during routine sinus surgery. The injury caused our client to suffer diplopia, otherwise known as double vision, in one eye. We brought suit against the physician who performed the sinus surgery as well as another physician who failed to timely refer our client to an ophthalmological surgeon. The defense contended that orbital fractures are common well known side effects of sinus surgery. The defense also contended that our client’s double vision did not impair his ability to work or maintain his family and social life.

After conducting numerous depositions throughout the country we were able to persuasively demonstrate that the technique used by the surgeon was below the standard of care and caused the injury. We were also able to demonstrate the our clients injury could have been fully repaired had timely referrals been made. We were able to mediate the case with the defense team and reached a resolution with the defendants for a confidential amount before trial.