Fall Injury Case Study

Ms. A slipped and fell on a wet spot on the tile floor when entering a large Atlanta area mall. She contacted Howell & Johnson and we conducted a full investigation. The Defendant refused to produce a copy of the surveillance video so we filed suit against the mall and the maintenance company responsible for providing janitorial services at the mall.

Once in suit the Defendants produced the surveillance video and we deposed all members of the mall staff and the maintenance company staff who had knowledge of the fall, the maintenance of the entryway, or the mall policies and procedures for cleaning and maintaining the entryway.

We discovered facts and evidence that established the Defendants had superior knowledge of the liquid substance on the floor. Defendants filed motions for summary judgment and we responded. The trial court denied Defendant’s motion for summary judgment and Defendants asked if we would be willing to mediate the case. We went to a day long mediation and successfully resolved the case for five times the Plaintiff’s medical bills.