Case Studies

Medical Malpractice & Wrongful Death #1

We represented a young family who came to us with concerns over the death of their young son. The son was a special needs child with significant medical impairments. The family had dedicated their lives to the young boy and had worked tirelessly to battle through years of medical obstacles. The young man was making great progress in his life, but suffered an unfortunate and preventable disaster in his home that would claim his life while being cared for by a home health professional. We investigated the matter thoroughly and found the Defendants committed numerous breaches of the standard of care so we filed a medical malpractice wrongful death suit against the home health corporation on behalf of the family and their deceased child. The case was fought for two years in state court before we were able to successfully resolve the law suit by way of a confidential settlement for the family.

Medical Malpractice & Wrongful Death #2

The daughter of Mr. T came to us with concerns that her elderly father’s death was the result of medical negligence at an area hospital. Through our investigation of the medical records and the use of experts we were able to pinpoint the exact act of negligence that brought about a fall during Mr. T’s hospitalization. The fall resulted in a hip fracture, surgery and ultimately the loss of the Mr. T’s ability to walk and get out of bed. We then discovered that Mr. T’s lack of mobility directly resulted in the development of pneumonia and the worsening of his other serious health conditions. Finally, we were able to trace Mr. T’s death to his fall and obtained a confidential settlement against the hospital after nearly a year of litigation.

Other Case Studies