Case Studies

Truck Case Study

Mr. G was driving to work in the pre-dawn hours when a tractor trailer crossed the centerline and slammed head on into his vehicle. He was transported to the emergency room with complaints of back pain and he was checked out and discharged with instructions to follow up with his primary care physician. The pain in his back continued to get worse and he eventually followed up with his internist who referred him to an orthopedic surgeon. He underwent months of physical therapy, acupuncture, epidural steroid injections and massage therapy before his orthopedic surgeon concluded a lumbar fusion was going to be necessary to return him to a pain free life.

Mr. G contacted our law firm and we put together a pre-suit demand for the trucking company's lawyers. An offer was made that was unacceptable and we filed a lawsuit against the defendant driver, the defendant trucking company and, under Georgia's direct action statute, the insurance company for the trucking company.

We conducted numerous depositions and a full investigation into the conduct of the defendants. We attempted a mediation and Defendants offer was too low. Our investigation continued and it revealed the Defendants destroyed evidence and we moved the court to sanction the Defendants accordingly. The Court sided with us and imposed severe sanctions on the Defendants.

We thoroughly prepared the case for trial and Defendants requested a second mediation. We did not get an acceptable offer at the second mediation so we left and finalized our work up of the case up for trial. The week before trial the Defendants upped their offer to a number that fairly compensated our client for his injuries and we settled the case for a confidential amount.